We need your feedback in order to continue to improve Special Camp year-to-year.  Feedback is received through several mechanisms, listed below:

  1. As you experience or are impacted by an issue that needs to be addressed in future years' camps, please capture that idea/suggestion while it's fresh in your mind by inputting your suggestion into the Special Camp Feedback database for this year's camp by clicking here.
  2. Be sure to answer the post-camp survey that will be sent to you immediately after camp, to give us an idea of your experience, positive and/or negative, at this year's Special Camp, so that we can gauge how we're doing and what may need improvement for future years' camps.
  3. Participate in post-camp evaluation meetings (see "Post-camp events" article for dates, times, and locations of post-camp evaluation meetings), and share your feedback in an interactive group setting while reminiscing about this year's camp.

Thank you in advance for sharing your input with us!

Special Camp core team