Because of extensive construction underway at Monte Vista Christian School this year (2019), venues/facilities used by Special Camp will be different than in previous years.  These changes are summarized below:

  1. Because the former primary site of our morning and evening activities (the Drama Theatre) is adjacent to the construction zone with its associated dust, noise, and distractions, we will instead be utilizing combined/adjacent classrooms in the Middle School area of the campus, Rooms 5-6.  These classrooms are located about halfway between Arganbright Hall (previously referred to as the "boys' dorm") and the Cafe building.  Photos of the inside and outside of this combined classroom space are shown below:

  2. The area that has been used for the Carnival event on Tuesday afternoon is now fenced off by construction fencing, and is not available for our use.  This year, Carnival will be held in the Middle School courtyard, which is between Middle School Rooms 5-6 and the MS-PAR room (where College Camp meets).  Here is a photo of the Middle School courtyard area:

  3. The tennis courts that have been used for the Guys Night Out activity on Monday evening is also in the construction area and is not available for our use.  This year, Guys Night Out will be held in the area of the Middle School basketball court, which is in close proximity to Middle School Rooms 5-6.  Below is a photo of this area:

All other activities will take place in the usual locations/venues as in prior years.

In addition, we have been requested by Monte Vista Christian School administration to use the proper names of their dorm facilities, which are Arganbright Hall (previously referred to as the "boys' dorm") and Stotts-Hellmann Hall (previously referred to as the "girls' dorm").  Please now use their formal/proper names when referring to these two facilities.  Thank you.