Camper Ken at Special Camp 2014

Thank you for this ministry that in our short experience has been a blessing from God. 

On our way home we stopped for lunch. This is the first time in 35 years that Ken has ever spontaneously signed to us what he did at Special Camp. In his excitement he signed all of the activities he did; prayer, God, singing, fire, camp, games, fun, playing ball, etc.  When we asked if he wanted to go again next year, without hesitation he said Yes! 

BTW, Ken loves his little fuzzy chicken that lights up!

Thank you Gordon and Don for taking time out of your busy schedules to minister directly to Ken. 

Again our deepest appreciation, praise and thanksgiving to God for the sacrifice and great Special Camp you folks put on every year. We wish we could thank each of you personally for your part in making it a memorable camp for Ken. 

God bless!

Marc with helper Steve at Special Camp 2013

My brother Marc looks forward to camp every year. He asks about camp throughout the year right up to the last minute. He has been attending for over 25 years and this is perhaps the biggest event of the year for him. The camp is well organized and provides him with a safe and predictable schedule and environment. Our family is so appreciative for Special Camp and it's staff. We acknowledge the staff's dedication, organization and leadership to plan this yearly event. We are so blessed that Marc can be a part of Special Camp.

Elizabeth with two Special Camp 2011 friends

Elizabeth really enjoys Special Camp and looks forward to it every year. She likes the stability of the camp because she sees the same campers and aids each year. She has attended other camps where campers change every year and it is hard to have a long term relationship with the campers because she might see them only once and never again. She also likes all of the activities at the camp and all of the take homes. She is telling me that she is singing and raising her arms up in the air while singing and showing me how she is praying. She had a wonderful and blessed time at camp.

Mariko at Special Camp 2013

Mariko looks forward to Special Camp each year. It's a family. It's respite. It's reassurance that she is being cared for well AND having a splendid socially-rich experience. Thank you to all who make it possible!

Sarah (right) with helper Patti at Special Camp 2011

Sarah is always well cared for & we appreciate the respectful way the campers are dealt with. It is obvious that everyone loves being together & respectful in every way. I would not send my daughter to any other camp. I have been involved with many Special needs community non-profits, schools, & Special Olympics and there is not one that is superior to the way to this Camp. Having a place that she can be independent from us & learn about Jesus is a priority to our family. Thank you for the many hours of work that it takes to organize & faciltate this great program!