Kimi with camper Tyler at Special Camp 2011

This years’ theme for Special Camp was, “The Sovereign Lord is my strength”- Habakkuk 3:19.  Through Special Camp, I learned how the sovereign Lord is truly my strength!

After deciding to serve at camp, my worries began to come.  Even as a teacher, I was still uncertain if I would have enough patience, dedication, and strength to be a successful aide.  I turned to prayer and asked God to prepare my heart for special camp and to give me the tools needed to serve.  I asked that I would be able to have confidence as an aide, be a team player with the rest of the staff, and most importantly make special camp enjoyable and memorable for all of the campers.  Feeling very fortunate and blessed, my prayers were answered and as camp began, my worries started to disappear.  God had provided me with everything I needed and Special Camp became a life changing experience.

As a new aide, we were warned about the potentially exhausting and frustrating moments, as well as the occasionally sticky situation.  However, throughout the week at camp I had an overwhelming sense of calmness, patience, and enjoyment.  Between worship, arts and crafts, bible lessons, bowling, special games, our carnival, cabin time, and to all of our other special activities, I truly felt and believed  it was  God’s hands at work.  There was a sense of energy, true happiness, and the love of God that surrounded me each and every moment.

Though my purpose at Special Camp was to help the campers, I left camp realizing that I gained so much more from the campers than they will ever realize.  The campers don’t judge what you look like, how off key you sing, or how goofy you may act.  They accept you exactly how you are, unlike how most of the world judges them.  Some have said that Special Camp is a glimpse of what Heaven looks and feels like and I would have to agree.  Special Camp radiates so much purity, love, and absolute joy.  I witnessed how when I put my faith into the Lord, he always provides me what I need.  I walked away from Special Camp having experienced one of the best weeks of my life!  It was my privilege to have served in such a great ministry and I will always believe that Special Camp is a very special camp for all involved.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13