Preparing for Virtual Camp Week

In advance of the upcoming Virtual Special Camp, we would like you to familiarize with specific Zoom controls and capabilities, in order to optimize your experience attending this year's virtual camp.  Tutorials are available to view below, specific to each Zoom control that we will be referring to and utilizing during each day's camp session; these tutorials were recorded during the Special Camp Zoom Tutorial session held on June 20.

Even if you are already familiar and comfortable with Zoom, we want to specifically mention that we would like all participants to change their Zoom name as it appears to other participants, to the format of first name followed by first letter of last name.  For campers who attend, please make sure that you use the camper's name as opposed to the parent/guardian name.  This will help us to easily identify each participant in order to join him/her with his/her assigned breakout group near the end of each camp session.  Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation.

Here are the tutorial session videos, for your review and viewing pleasure:


Greetings prior to tutorial session:




Updating your Name in Zoom:


Muting and Unmuting:


Switching Views in Zoom:


Adjusting Audio in Zoom:


Physical Considerations:


Breakout Groups:


Wrap Up:



  • Recorded during Special Camp Zoom Tutorial session held on June 20, 2020.
  • Edited by Bruce Satow